Here is Snowdrop, at 9 months old and showing off her perfect black markings, the face and ears, her hocks and knees and her feet.   She has been shorn this year, giving us soft wavy wool which can be worked together with other wools, and is much sought after by spinners and weavers.

Our Valais Blacknose Sheep having an evening snack.   They are gentle, loving animals, beautiful and friendly.

Waiting for breakfast!   From left to right:  Ursula, all the way from Switzerland;   Snowdrop who will be a year old by Christmas;   then Eros, Ursula's ram lamb born this summer, and last Esmé, born in the New Year.   These delightful sheep, from the Swiss mountains of  the Valais, are very tame and friendly with beautiful curly white wool.

Leading the charge up the hill, in front is a rare black Southdown ewe (the photo is misleading), followed by our three Shetland shearling ewes, Mischief, Magic and Maisie, and other Southdowns bringing up the rear.   These are all great characters, very willful, but also very sweet natured when calmed down.   If all goes to plan they will lamb next Spring.