our beautiful birds


These red Frizzle Pekins make a good picture, and are full of machismo, but should not be bred together.    When on the move, the male's feathers bounce and swirl about, giving him an extra dimension, especially with his neck plumage.   One could spend all day watching these little chickens, they are such fun! 

This is a Red Pekin cockerel, and a very fine fellow he is, and knows it!     For all their self confident looks, these birds are very friendly and love attention and cuddles.

'No, you don't say!' the little black frizzle pullet seems to be saying to her friend.   Cheeky little birds with great character.   Their glossy feathers gleam with lovely green and blue highlights.   They will lay 180-220 eggs in a year.

These two young pullets are beautiful bobtails from Belgium   We call them 'Clouds' and they are the softest, most snuggly little Pekins one could ever wish for.   Their eggs are a bit bigger than other bantams, about 180-200 a year.

These young Buff Pekins  seem to be waiting for something.    The smooth cockerel and frizzle hen make a perfect breeding couple.    They feel just as soft as they look.       They lay 180 - 220 eggs

Here is a fine Lavender Pekin cockerel.    There are interesting genetics behind the breeding of these much sought after birds, but they are not inbred and are charming characters.   Without any pampering, all Pekins with their feathered feet must be kept in clean conditions, and their houses cleaned out regularly.    We always dust their bedding generously with diatomaceous earth powder which we have  found to be the best preventative against the dreaded mite, from which  we are happy to say, we have never suffered.  

This young Buff cockerel exhibits how clean his feathered feet are, in spite of running free range.   Very dirty feathers need to be trimmed and washed, but with good management this should not be necessary. 


We call these delightful little hens our 'Cleopatras', with their black bodies and gold-laced necks.   They are very inquisitive and always on the lookout for something new.     Given space to run about, these active and amusing Pekins will make your garden come alive, eat bugs and grass, and lay lovely small eggs with bigger yolk to white ratio.   Children will love them and learn so much from caring for their delightful pets.   

This is a young Millefleur pullet.   Her markings should be more pronounced and darker, but they do vary.   She loves finding somewhere high to perch where she can view the world from above.   Very tame and loving, all Pekins  love eating fresh grass and will find plenty of food when free-ranging, cutting down on expensive daily rations, which must always  be of the highest quality.    They should never be fed human scraps or leftovers and their food and water must be scrupulously clean.   

Here are a pair of Red Pekins, the cockerel is a frizzle and the little hen smooth.   The red males are very full of themselves, and love to run around chasing the other boys, but it never seems to end in a fight.   It is a great pity that owners find it increasingly difficult to keep a cock bird owing to complaints from neighbours.   The sound of a cock crowing in the early dawn is the finest clarion call for the start of a new day, and the hens much appreciate a man about the house!   They lay, on average, 180 to 220 small eggs per year.

We thought that this handsome young cockerel was black, but the black feathers are shot through with red and pearly brown tints.   We will think carefully about which hens will make suitable mates for him!   This chap is a real softie.

Here is a rather wilfull white frizzle hen.   She chose to be photographed by herself.   The purity of the white feathers is quite remarkable, especially considering that these birds are truly free range and are out in all sorts of weather.   She did submit to a cuddle after the photoshoot!    We have white hens and cockerels, smooth and frizzle, costing from £20 each, depending on age.   They really do make lovely pets and are among the friendliest of all chicken breeds.