The Bendall family have lived at Highfield Farm for nearly 50 years and over that time have had many farming activities, some successful and some less so.    At this point we now hold the countries' National collection of Hollies, extending over 5 acres, and among the trees we have started to breed and rear free range bantams to sell as pets and to enhance people's lives, with a hope that children in particular will learn to love and care for these delightful little characters.    Bantam eggs are smaller that normal sized chickens', but the ratio of yolk to white is greater, and some people much prefer them.

We also keep and breed other rare breed fowl and are happy to help and discuss all aspects of poultry keeping with our  customers.   If you want an interest that is great good fun and productive, you could do no better than keep some bantams in your garden. Their feathery feet won't damage your lawn or rip up your vegetable patch, and the cockerel's crow is softer than the average.   We have many colours to chose from, and below we give some indication of their characters.